Those Smug Bastards Stopped!!

The Sunday Lightbringer, December 8, 1879

The saffron-clad menace of the bullet-dodging Chinaman and his goblin assistant has been ended! Honest Tom’s Discreet Services, a bounty hunting outfit with a highfalutin’ name (not that we mind, for we men of science are guilty of the same) was contracted to bring the vandals to justice, and justice appears to have been done! Mostly. The monks were injured, though not killed or imprisoned, and have shared the reasons for their violent attacks (which, we must admit, left no one dead or even particularly badly injured.) They believe there is some sort of corruption as yet unknown to the New Science involved in working with Ghost Rock. I’ll believe it when I see the research!

Vigilante Crushes Highwaymen

A group of bandits were found having been rendered dead with the most extreme prejudice by a caravan to Shan Fan. “It looked like they were torn apart or crushed!” said one frightened merchant. There was a bounty offered for the protection of the caravan, but the clerk who paid the bounty describes the man who came to collect as simply “big.”



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