New Legionnaires

Journal of Rutherford Ellington Dillenger

November 29, 1879
Lacey O’Malley has sent a small bounty hunting operation to my doorstep, with recommendations that they join the Twilight Legion. Unfortunately, my doorstep is now the hall of a hotel in Shan Fan’s lovely Red Lantern district that seems very popular with young, unmarried women. Pennington-Smythe chose it for safety after our home was burned down, and believes the owner is trustworthy. While a bit cramped, the quality of furnishings is impeccable, and our bodyguards do not appear to mind staying here. To compound the already-existing problems, Pennington-Smythe has not returned from his journey to hide the Amulet of Rahashimir. As I prefer to make the best of a bad situation, I have sent the bounty hunters in search of my colleague. If they prove trustworthy and competent, they may well be Twilight Legion material. If lacking, Pennington-Smythe is resourceful enough to escape on his own. At worst, I can rescue him myself using the Amulet of the Closed Eye.

November 30, 1879
My colleague has been returned, and the Amulet is safely stored away. While the rowan box is an imperfect means of containment, solar exposure would be too much of a risk when the amulet is being targeted for theft. The bounty hunters seem like good lads, rescuing Pennington-Smythe with minimal loss of life, even destroying some sort of beast of animated earth and stone. Members of the criminal gangs that run this city seem to be implicated in the theft and abduction, but I am told that this is simply Chinese politics. While the attempt to obtain the Amulet of Rahashimir for an evil purpose (for with this foul stone there is no other kind of purpose) has failed, we must still try to find out why.



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