Dread Pirate Roberts

Unknown pirate who has attacked an Iron Dragon base


Unknown, although he is considered dangerous, as either he or his associates took out an entire Iron Dragon base in the Maze without letting even one person escape with any information about him or his associates beyond his [Dread Pirate Roberts] name.


Unknown past

First known information on subject appeared around November 26th, 1879. A lone Iron Dragon member, acting as guard for a secret base for said group, was knocked unconscious, and when he woke up, he found a note on him that read simply

“I left you here to tell my tale. Don’t take the gyrocopters (if there are any left), they’re rigged to blow. I kill all those that I take prisoner, so consider yourself lucky.

-Dread Pirate Roberts"

When the guard headed back to the camp to show others the note, he found the town in flames, wreckage of 2 or 3 of the gyros scattered across the mesa top, and the dead corpses of nearly every other person in that base. Based on their corpses, it appears that some were shot with rifles, some were shot with arrows, some were burned, and some were shot with a weird “debris shotgun”. The guard wasn’t able to see his former commander’s body, but judging by the small pool of blood by her crashed custom gyro and the drag marks leading back the way the guard came, it was safe to say that she was taken prisoner, and judging by the note, probably as good as dead.

The guard eventually (after triple-checking that the boat he was taking was completely safe to drive) made his way back to civilization to tell his boss’s boss (since his boss was missing and presumed dead) what happened.

Dread Pirate Roberts

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