Lost Angels and Progress, CA

Fault Lines and Indian Mystical Practices (Abstract)

Experiment Ended November 24, 1879

In a geological survey of the area now referred to as the Great Maze, I observed a set of petroglyphs repeated in multiple locations along the San Andreas fault line, in the style of the local Indians. They were identified as symbols of the ‘Earth Spirits’ by both a Chumash and Lakota Indian. My initial hypothesis is that these spirits were a pre-scientific understanding of geological faults. Further data is inconsistent with this, including petroglyphs that have a reaction to human blood. In addition, disturbing one of these glyphs led to an attack by unidentified lithic beasts. This leads to a secondary theory that there is some manner of aetheric presence connected to these petroglyphs.

Murderous Rail Warriors Thumb Nose at God!!

Lost Angels Times, November 25, 1879

A full flight of Guardian Angels led by Rooster Petersen, sent to negotiate with the boatwrights of Progress for the welfare of our fair city, has been murdered by the barbarous mercenaries of Union Blue. They were shot in a cowardly ambush, and disposed of like animals in a canyon north of the Holy City.

The remainder is a Jeremiad against the rail companies.



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