Quentin Ravensdale

English mad scientist


See picture.


Although given a full ride to Cambridge after doing exceptionally well in school, Quentin Ravensdale soon discovered his love and natural talent for the new “Mad Science”, and was forced to leave after one unfortunate experiment involving the school mascot and a slightly defective dog-sized bulletproof vest. Hoping to learn more about the new science, Quentin left for the US, arriving in Boston, where he met up with Joshua Douglas, a Boston native and a third-generation Irish immigrant. The two had some adventures, Joshua as a bounty hunter and Quentin as Joshua’s gadgeteer (making items like Joshua’s flamethrower and armor, and Quentin’s bullet deflector belt and pneumatic debris launcher, as well as connecting Joshua with a mad scientist friend who could make him a Gatling Pistol), before finally getting on a train bound for the maze.

Quentin Ravensdale

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