Joshua Douglas

Batman with the power of STEAM!!


Early 20s, tall, gangly
Reddish hair, patchy beard, nice mustache.
From Boston, second generation immigrant.
Half Irish bastard son of a whore.


His mother was an Irish immigrant that arrived with nothing more than the clothes on her back. As a poor foreign woman in Boston, the only job available was as a “saloon” girl. His father was any number of sailors coming through port. He grew up in the streets, running with various street rats. The women in the saloon taught him most of what he knows, the streets teaching everything else.

Joshua became a bounty hunter in large part because it was, perhaps ironically, the safest job available. When death is waiting around each corner, being able to know where it is coming from and being able to shoot it dead helps in surviving. Despite that, it is sheer luck that has allowed him to survive some of his hunts.

Despite coming across as exceptionally greedy, which he certainl is, he has a heart of gold. Roughly half of the money he earns is sent back to his mother in Boston to help out. Due perhaps entirely to his charity, the saloon his mother works in has become a proper saloon, with the only thing for sale food and drink.

Joshua Douglas

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